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Masakit sa Ulo ang Init.. pero mas masakit ka pa rin sa Puso.
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bored at my room..:)

bored at my room..:)

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10 Ways to Start Believing in Yourself Right Now!


1. Volunteer

There is nothing that will make you feel better about yourself than helping others and making another person’s day better. Feeling useful, wanted and needed  builds confidence and self-worth.  You will learn new things about yourself: things that you are good at and things that make you feel confident.

Acts of kindness boost your mood by boosting serotonin production. It’s a win-win activity!

2. Make a List

Make a list of all the things you have already overcome and accomplished in your       life. Then you can start adding new things as you accomplish them. Seeing this list in black and white is very empowering. (I speak from experience.)

3. Surround Yourself with People that Support You

If you have highly critical people in your life, their words do affect your perception of yourself. Unless or until you can embrace the following, it is in your best interest to eliminate them from your life if you can, or minimize your contact with them.

  • Know their words are just their opinions.
  • Know opinions are not facts.
  • Learn not to take things personally.

Find people with similar values and interests, who will support and enhance your  progress. When you surround yourself with people like this, their confidence in you, and your knowledge that they are there for you will motivate you and give you confidence.

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its april fools but i think this is one is serious #AllysaValdez #OBF #addicted #fanatics #Bomberinians

its april fools but i think this is one is serious #AllysaValdez #OBF #addicted #fanatics #Bomberinians

# allysavaldez# obf# fanatics# bomberinians# addicted
so as I..:<

so as I..:<

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pag gantong kainitan.. umayos ka teh.
Sabi ng sabi na miss na kita.. di naman magpakita! kainin mo nalang yang miss mo para mabusog ka pa.
If I could unfollow people in real life, my life would be perfect.
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